Biographical Summary
Val E. Weaver


Mr. Weaver is a consultant with over 36 years of broad experience in industry specializing in senior management, business and advanced technology development support, and client advocacy/Government affairs. He also has had 16 years of management, acquisition development and contract implementation, engineering, and advanced R,D,T&E experience from work during the same period with the Federal Government. From the late 1960s to the mid 1970s Mr. Weaver worked in advanced areas of aerospace engineering technology for industry and NASA. From 1975 to 1977 he served as part of the management team at the newly established U.S. ERDA. From 1977 until 1996, with a partially overlapping period of Federal service (1977-1982) in the US Department of Energy, Mr. Weaver provided his consulting services through North American Technology Development (NATD), a firm of which he was the Principal. In some instances as a consultant, Mr. Weaver has performed in senior management positions of client companies. Since 1996, he has primarily been a solo practioner under his own name. Generically, the range of typical knowledge, skill sets, and abilities applied to the needs of a diversity of clients by Mr. Weaver have included:

o Government affairs support as an executive advocate for clients to Federal, State and local government agencies, industry, and international contacts

Management operations analysis with emphasis on:
1) Organizational structure, efficiency, operational implementation, and enhancement of cost-effectiveness
2) Business Plan development, or review and restructuring of previous plans
3) Definition of corporate strategic objectives and implementation strategies
4) Research, development and establishment of Strategic Alliances and associated legal enabling instruments

o Market development support and/or related administrative and technical assistance services focused in the areas of:
1) Marketing Plan and Implementation Strategy development
2) Advanced technology and concepts introduction
3) Facilitation of Strategic Alliances and other forms of teaming arrangements
4) Environmental management and regulatory (RCRA,CERCLA, OSHA, FAR, etc.) compliance analysis
5) Development of corporate capabilities statements and proposal development, management and coordination
6) Assistance with qualifications, response, and performance (CPARS) for Federal Acquisitions and contract management requirements
7) Assistance with the development and comprehensive preparation of grant application packages
8) Multimedia advertising, promotion, and full web, IT, and COMSEC support implementation and coordination

o Review and analysis of government regulations and policies relevant to specific business activities of clients
o Pre-emptive and Remedial Environmental consulting support
SBA 8(a) Program eligibility consultation and  support services; Native American regulations:
1) Assistance with corporate organization or reorganization to meet all compliance elements necessary to effect 8(a) certification and approval of Personal Eligibility applications
2) Assistance with development of Business and Marketing Plans
3} Tribal and ANC application of 8(a) Eligibility Provisions

o Independent DoD contractor [NAVSEA, 2004-2005] providing support for acquisition development, PBSA acquisitions, and contract implementation for procurement of “special projects:”
1) Assistance with development and implementation of all aspects of acquisition/contracting actions
2) Development of creative contracting methodologies consistent with the FAR/DFAR
3) Development of NAVSEA/IHNSWC comprehensive "Guidelines for Performance-Based Services Acquisitions (PBSA)"
4) Development of a standardized objective "Quality Assurance Management/Performance Assessment" grading protocol employed in [NAVSEA] performance-based contracts

Mr. Weaver's unusually broad practical technical background was an outgrowth of his early industrial R&D experience and 7 years in the laboratory with advanced aerospace engineering technology for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. He was invited in the 1970s to transfer from NASA to assist in the initial implementation of the Energy Research and Development Administration (ERDA). When the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) was created from ERDA, he provided diverse technical and administrative support to activities affecting or guiding DOE policy decisions. Prior to leaving DOE and Federal service in 1982, he conceived, justified, implemented and directed a dynamic new program in the area of waste management under the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Fossil Energy. This led to his joint participation with EPA in developing key revisions to provisions of Federal environmental regulations [RCRA] pertaining to waste management. One of the honors he received while in Government Service, as recognition from the international environmental community, was his appointment by the Italian Government as the American Co-Chairman of the First International Conference on Solid Wastes, Sludges, Residual Materials Monitoring, Technology and Management (Rome, Italy 1981).

Around the beginning of the second term of the Reagan Administration, Mr. Weaver discreetly directed NATD’s
activities as the formal marketing representative and advocate for Fairchild Republic Co. in the Republic of Korea to
effect transfer of the last manufacturing production run of the company’s A-10 close-support jet aircraft to South Korea.
This “sensitive” activity, desired by President Reagan as an element to be explored in his pending discussions with the
President of S. Korea on his visit to the U.S. required close working relationships with all parties - Fairchild, DOD
(OSD), State Department (USSA, S&T), USAF, the Korean AF Chief of Staff, Congress, and the Blue House…

Mr. Weaver has acted in a variety of executive and senior management capacities (summary available upon request) since leaving Federal Service in 1982. His varied background in industry and Government, the challenges of creating and successfully advocating support for innovative technical projects and programs, respected professional collaboration in a variety of diverse market sectors and among clients, colleagues and peers, and an extensive network of multi-faceted contacts developed domestically and internationally over the years have provided a strong experiential base to effectively facilitate the needs of his clients.

Business Phone: 301-932-1574
E-mail: weaver.val@gmail.com